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Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton that is produced from the non-genetically modified plants without the use of toxic products such as insect pesticides, chemical fertilizers. Organic Cotton is produced in a completely natural way compared to conventional cotton and provides sustainable agricultural support by supporting the preservation of nature. Read More: Global Organic Textile Standartds Pesticides and Chemicals Against Organic […]

Global Organic Textile Standards

Organic farming standards, either in Turkey or in European Union countries do not contain textiles. Therefore, in Turkey in the textile certification bodies internationally recognized standards, which GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OE (Organic Exchange 100 Standard), OEBL (Organic Exchange Blended Standard), certificates are given. Certificates are issued in English, as the products are usually […]

Textile Manufacturers and Environmental Factors to be Considered in Production Process

The textile is one of the most important sectors in the economic development process due to its high share in export revenues and in added value created in the production process both in the world and in Turkey. The textile sector, which had an important contributor to the industrialization process of the developed countries in […]