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As Jante Textile, we want to serve you with softness and sleekness. For that, with our experience and passion, we are proud to be your Velvet Fabric Manufacturers.

What is Velvet Fabric?

Velvet fabric is a soft and sleek fabric that is commonly used in intimate garments, upholstery, and many other textile branches. In history, velvet was considered to be a symbol of aristocracy because it was quite expensive and challenging to produce velvet. The first time velvet was mentioned and recorded was the 14th century. Its initial production was most probably in East Asia with original pure Asian silk. Later, it was carried to Europe with the Silk Road and gained popularity, especially during Renaissance times. Back in the times, a unique process of production was used for velvet because it was difficult for velvet fabric manufacturers to weave with such a soft fabric. With today’s technology, since the machine looms were invented, velvet has become more affordable. In addition to the affordable price, nowadays velvet is woven with other types of fabric such as cotton, linen, mohair, and wool along with silk.

How is Velvet Fabric Manufactured?

For the weaving of velvet, a special type of loom must be used. This loom spins two layers of fabric at the same time. Later, these fabric layers are separated and they are wound up on rolls. Velvet is generally made with vertical yarn and velveteen, which is a quite similar type, is with horizontal yarn. The popular essence of velvet is the sink is spun into the yarn. After the weaving process, our velvet fabric manufacturers dye or treat the velvet depending on its intended application.

Different Types of Velvet Fabric

There are many different types of velvet fabric but we will inform you of some famous examples of velvet. Chiffon velvet which is transparent and preferred for night outfits, crushed velvet, embossed velvet which is the type that consists of words, shapes, symbols embossed on it, and Lyons velvet which is preferred in luxurious coats and hats.

Benefits of Velvet Fabric

The softness, the smoothness, and the brightness of the velvet epitomize luxury and fashion. Also, since its main ingredient is silk, velvet fabric is of high quality. Meaning, it is durable and resistant to decoloration. Velvet fabric is multifunctional, it is not only used for clothing but also furnishings and upholstery.

The velvet fabric manufacturers of Jante Textile is weaving softness and luxury for you. Enjoy!

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