Aleze & Matress Cover & Quilts

The part of a aleze & mattress cover & quilts that come closest to the body when lying is its cover. Whether made of cotton, polyester or quilts – mattress covers take care of the well being of the sleeper and maintain a pleasant bed climate.


Over the years, the original aleze&mattress cover & quilts may show signs of fatigue. Because sweat, nightly changes of position and pressure stress put a strain on the material. Most of the time the core itself, which supports you while sleeping and optimally embeds you is still completely in order. In many cases, it is sufficient to provide the core with a new cover so that you do not have to replace the entire sleeping pad. Our replacement covers made of a wide variety of materials are ideal for wholesales and hotel chains for example. Our mission is to increase our product sales in Europe and the United States. All models have a zipper so that they can be easily attached and removed again for cleaning purposes.

Which Cover Fits My Mattress?

In addition to the right material for your needs, the height of the mattress core determines which of our covers you can use. Most mattress covers are available from 10 cm up to and including 30 cm core height. In our reference overview, we have given the core heights for all models so that you can find your way around quickly and easily. In addition, the selection can be limited by filters in the upper area according to your requirements in terms of size and sorted by price. Our certified sleep experts will be happy to help you with your decision-making. Just get in touch with us.

Finally, the ergonomic matress cover to ensure excellent posture at night and thus avoid back pain that would impair the quality of sleep. When you have considered all of its elements, you should be near perfection for a good night’s sleep. However, there is one thing that you should do not miss while you sleep: it is the mattress protector.

These accessories make your aleze & mattress cover & quilt not only waterproof, but also make it easier to regulate your sweat during the night. With a mattress protector cover, your body no longer sweats and you keep a constant temperature while you sleep. It’s a small investment that is essential when purchasing a new mattress cover.

Before you go ahead and see how to choose the right aleze &mattress cover & quilt, there are currently special offers available to you. Note that you can choose the size of the mattress covers based on your configuration.