Plain cotton fabric manufacturer

As Jante Textile we are a high quality plain cotton fabric manufacturer along with many other kinds of products that we offer. We combine the high quality Turkish cottons with our high capacity production facility to meet the demands of our customers. With our professional staff and high quality equipments we are able to reach […]

Velvet Fabric Manufacturer

As Jante Textile, we want to serve you with softness and sleekness. For that, with our experience and passion, we are proud to be your Velvet Fabric Manufacturers. What is Velvet Fabric? Velvet fabric is a soft and sleek fabric that is commonly used in intimate garments, upholstery, and many other textile branches. In history, […]

Manufacturer Of Fabric

Manufacturer Of Fabric To start being on the fabric section today. It serves especially in the preferred areas of the fabrics in your mobile devices. Nowadays, fabrics made with quality work performance are also said to be a serious transformation. There are hundreds of thousands of staff actively involved in the hotel fabric industry. Although […]