Custom Bed Linen Manufacturer

Jante Textiles is a manufacturer of bed linen, bespoke bedding, and bespoke upholstery. Headquartered in Turkey’s, this company’s products are used both domestically and internationally. A wide variety of knitted fabrics are produced by the firm as the main provider, including single and double jerseys, jacquards, stripes, fleece, knitwear textiles, lining fabrics, and custom bed […]

Knitted Fabric Suppliers

Jante Textile is a successful and growing knitted fabric supplier and manufacturer. We have extensive experience in supplying high-quality knitted fabrics. As the leading supplier, the company produces a range of knitted fabrics, including single jersey, double jersey, jacquard, stripes, fleece, knitwear fabrics, lining fabrics, and rib-knit bandage fabrics. We supply such a vast collection […]

Why Is Knitted Fabric Going To Save You Money?

People living in colder areas mostly opt for wearing knitted and warm clothing. But won’t you be surprised to know that your kitted fabric is not only warm but have many other characteristics as well? Jante Textile is a knitted fabric manufacturer UK producing high-quality fabrics to match your needs and wants in knitted clothing. […]