Hotel Towels

Hotel Towels is aware of the fact that when we enter a hotel room one of the first things that we look is of course the towels that are prepared for us. The towels must be as white as a pearl and as fluffy as a little kitten. What is indispensable for hotel customers is the clean and soft bath towels after showering at the hotel room. The things to be considered when buying hotel towels are the thread used in weaving, chemicals used during the dyeing process and edge stitches. The threads used are ring or openent and both the ring yarns and openent yarns are 100% cotton. Our hotel towel types are not only bath towels but also hand, head and foot towels. Enjoy a soft and luxurious feeling with the …………..Bath Towels. Our first quality hotel towels are loomed of the finest long-staple Turkish cotton so they are more premium-weight, fluffier, and more absorbent than ever.
Our goal is to give you our products made of 100% cotton yarn at the most affordable prices. Our expert team is renewing itself every day. We can produce any kinds of hotel towels in the colors you want and also print your hotel logo on your orders.
As in all of our hotel products, our hotel towel groups, which will add value to your prestigious businesses with first quality manufacturing and first quality service, reflect our years of experience. Our sales to Turkey and abroad continues all through the year.