Knitted Fabrics

Knitted Fabrics are generally, giving shape to the yarn by the help of needle or pin element. That yarns could be different shapes because of loop style. These different shapes can become fabric fastly. It is useful for production principles. It has quite elastic nature and flexible. It can be used for many areas. Especially It is used for different fabric-based products in the textile sector. This fabric type can be made more swiftly and easily than other fabrics at less cost. This fabric split among themselves to some genre.

You may see our main types of knitted fabrics below;

  • Pico ( NIKI ) Towel
  • Niki Velure
  • Single Jersey
  • Interlock
  • Rib
  • Raschel ( Mayer Towel and Bathrobe)
  • Welsoft
  • Microfiber
  • Polar Fleece and Jacquard Polar Fleece
  • Jacquard Niki
  • Electronic Jacquard Niki Terry and Velour ( Unlimited Jacquard )
  • Ringel Terry ( Unlimited Report )
  • Ringel Velour( Unlimited Report )
  • Double Face Terry
  • Double Face Velour

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Flat Knit Fabrics

This type is called jersey knit fabric too. There are flat visible lines on the front of the fabric. There are dominant horizontal ribs on the backside. Flat knit type is used mostly in industry. It is proper to produce fancy model fabrics.

Purl Knit Fabrics

Purl knit fabric has the same view on both sides of it. In that way, too attractive models and designs can be created. It has low production velocity against to other knitted fabrics method. It is generally used in thick pullovers and child clothes.

Rib Stitch Knit Fabric

In this type of knit fabric, there is a stitch drawn on the front and backside. These stitches are perfectly flexible. This rib stitch is used often on sleeve cuffs and at necklines of sweaters. Both sides of the fabric look the same so this fabric is reversible. It can be produced either by a flat and circular knitting machine. There are too many variations of this type. Cardigans, Milano ribs are different types of knit fabric. Also, these two types have half and full styles between themselves.