If you can’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ, please get in touch with us here.


Are we able to make our own designs produced? 

Of course, this is our main business. You provide us the designs and we produce them for you in demanded sizes, colors and quality.

Can we buy from the designs shown in this website? 

The products you have seen in our website are the designs which were produced before for our existing clients. They are not available in our stock but we are able to produce a similar design for you.

What is the minimum order quantity? 

Our minimum order quantity is changing up to products which you inquired.

Can we do our own label/packaging? 

Yes, you can. You provide your artwork of the label, and we print it in demanded carton quality.

We are also able to put the products to polybags, carton boxes in demanded quantities with stickers/barcodes, etc. on it.


How much do the custom products cost? 

Our prices always depend on the total quantity of your order. More simply, the price will decrease when the order quantity increases.

If you would like to get exact pricing, we need quantity, quality, and packaging information of the required products.


Is it possible to receive samples? 

Of course. We are able to send you samples randomly from our existing qualities or produce your own designs as counter sample or quality swatches. Please ask for the sampling fees.

Sampling time is 2 weeks for custom design samples.


How should we provide our designs to you? 

It is great if the format of the file is “.tif” or “.pdf”.

However, if you are not able to create your own design, you might try to provide the designs in other formats, then it would be okay too.


How long does the production take?

We do our best to ensure that you receive your order as fast as possible. After confirmation of your order, the goods are usually ready to shipment between 4-7 weeks.

Please note that during the holiday season (July/August), delivery times can be longer than usual.

How long does the shipment take?

For European clients (including Russia), we usually use land transport by truck. The trucks usually leave Turkey on Friday and Saturday. The goods arrive to warehouse centers in Europe in about 5-7 days and then they are delivered to your address in a few more business days.

For the rest of the world, we mostly use air transport or vessel. There are almost flights everyday from Istanbul to most of the countries and the goods arrive to the nearest airport to your address in a few days. We deliver the goods till the airport and it is always better if you arrange the transport between the airport and your address or we can handle that too.


What are the payment conditions?  

The payment term we accept is 30% advanced payment after confirmation of order and 70% before the shipment when the order is ready.

We accept only bank remittance to our corporate bank accounts. Western Union or Moneygram is possible for sampling fees and very small orders.

*Paypal is not operating in Turkey anymore since June 2016.


Do you have a distributor in foreign countries?  

We are working on an online shopping website and it is going to be ready by 2019. Then you will be able to buy our products in smaller quantities.