The Safest Fabric for Newborn Skin

Until relatively recent times, it was not a matter of what we ate and wore. In fact, the word “organic” was just a chemistry statement. Because humanity is living in harmony with nature’s natural cycle. More importantly, human beings were not able to push the limits of production of nature. Thanks to the developing science of biology and chemistry, humanity has learned to exploit nature. It is now very easy and very normal to get out of the natural life cycle. We can easily supply the products that are grown in nature and each is a separate growing season. It is very easy to eat watermelon in winter or winter crop in summer. But we do not think that everything is a cost to pay. For more detailed information Why Organic Cotton link can be clicked. It was understood that today’s society consumption madness cannot be supplied within the normal limits of nature.

Is Cotton Produced by Classical Methods Safe for Our Babies?

It is impossible to produce the cotton, which is the raw material of the bedding and clothing industry, in sufficient quantity under normal production conditions. This is where the chemistry industry came to “help humanity”. Word “Impossible”, in the boundaries of the modern science of chemistry is now almost impossible.

The textile industry cannot substitute any other product that can replace cotton as the technology develops. But the science of chemistry has a limit and a bill for each choice. The use of chemical products that are not suitable for the nature of nature as fertilizer was not considered a problem. But now we know that these chemicals are a big problem for both nature and human health.

Many diseases come mainly from two sources from what we eat, what we use and what we wear. What we ate does not constitute the subject of this writing. Our main goal here is to raise awareness about what we wear and what we use. In fact, we live in a new world where sugar is not a real sugar and salt is not a real salt and unfortunately in this world cotton is not cotton.

Why Organic Cotton Should Be Chosen For Babies

Cotton clothes or bedding materials that are thought to be healthy are not innocent at all because of the chemicals used. Cotton is considered to be a very natural product, but the most used chemical product in production is cotton.

Synthetic fertilizers and other chemical substances produced by cotton seeds contaminate meat and dairy products, also affect the human food chain. In fact, cotton is a natural and hygienic lifter, but according to environmental research, it causes the widespread production of cotton, large-scale environmental and health problems.

A Healthy and Safe Life For Our Babies

The skin of your newborn baby looks flexible and soft, but at the same time it is very fragile and demands special attention. Your baby’s skin is quite rough and can easily be damaged, unlike a child or an adult. Organic clothing and bedding are safer for infants whose immune system is not fully developed, according to experts.

Organic baby fabrics are beginning to be used in an increasingly widespread fashion, as their families want everything the best for their babies. Organic fabrics have begun to be used not only in baby textiles but also in all fabric that comes in contact with the baby’s skin, such as linen. It is known that many of the pesticides used in traditional methods of growing cotton are now carcinogenic.

The bleach, softener, petroleum products and preservatives used in the production phase of these clothes also contain chemicals and heavy metals. Moreover, it is not known whether they have come out of their clothes even if they have been washed many times. Infants whose skin is thinner and whose immune system is known to be weak should not be left alone with a toxin burden. Increasingly widespread organic clothing can be a little more expensive, but it is definitely safer for babies. %100 percent cotton should be directed to the clothes, synthetic clothing should be avoided as much as possible. How Organic Textile’s Benefits A Child’s Health? link should be clicked to reach detailed information.

Organic cotton does not carry any harmful substances on human health. Organic textiles that come in direct contact with the skin, such as underwear and bedding, protects the person from the risk of many diseases. Organic cotton is longer lasting and more durable.

Organic textiles made from organic cotton lasts longer than the nature of its components. Cotton produced by conventional means is weakened due to the chemicals that are exposed in the stages of growing, processing and dyeing cotton. Organic cotton is a softer and thicker cotton compared to conventional cotton; it is easier to use and wash.

Jante Textile has GOTS and OEKO-TEX Certificates. What is our goal is that with Jante textile products we aim to give our children a healthier life.  Our Organic textiles, which are produced in strict quality control and standards at every stage, open the door to a better quality of life for our children who are our most precious assets. Our Organic textiles are aimed at a livable world and healthier generations. Call us whenever you want, we can answer your questions about our products.

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