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If you look at one of the foundations of a relaxing and pacifying night’s sleep, you’ll surely find bed linen in the list. Inarguably, getting quality sleep is extremely important for you because it determines how fresh and active you are throughout the day. Bed linen has been proven to be exceptionally helpful in acquiring a sound and proper sleep. There is no denying that they not only provide you comfort but also enhance the way your room looks.

What is Bed Linen?

Bed linen is a flat-woven textile and is made without a center stream. It is a changeable and washable portion used on bed mattresses and is also known as bedclothes or bedding. It is used for various purposes such as warmth, hygiene, protecting the mattress, increasing mattress’s lifeline, and enhancing the decorative effects. A set of bedding comprises fitted bed sheets, a blanket or duvet, pillowcases etc.


The comprehensive study of history strongly suggests that bed linen evolved a lot in Egypt.  Pharaohs used to have their beds moved above the ground level to get a quality sleep. Amazingly, bedding was observed as a symbol of purity and light. Such value was given to bed linen that it was often used to wrap Egyptian mummies. Over the years, bedding has experienced great improvements, steady if not sudden.

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Raw Materials Used by Bed Linens Manufacturers

One of the main raw materials used by bed linen manufacturers is cotton. In the bed sheet manufactory, cotton is spun into yarn for this purpose. Given the fact that cotton wool is fuzzy like wool, it is mostly called as cotton wool. In the raw material form, cotton wool is still not in fully purified form and it contains leaves, seeds, twigs and other debris.

There are other materials also used by bed linen manufacturers in the weaving process such as starches to ensure that threading the cotton becomes easier. After the wool is woven, there is the use of bleaches and caustic chemicals (e.g. hydrogen peroxide solutions and bleaches) in the cleaning and bleaching process. This is done to make sure that all the color is removed from it before the dyeing process. For dyeing process, there is the use of chemically-derived dyes to achieve color-fastness and standard coloration. The dyes are approved by the respective government before their use by bedding manufacturers.

The Manufacturing Process of Bed Linens

Normally, there are different processes such as spinning the bales of cotton that are delivered to the manufacturers or buying the yarn that is already spun on spools. However, this section includes the process of manufacturing sheeting from bales of cotton. Bear in the mind that the bales of cotton used in the below-mentioned process are not yet spun.

Here is how the process of manufacturing bed linen goes:

Step 1:Acquiring the cotton

Step 2:Mixing the cotton

Step 3:Carding the cotton

Step 4:Drawing, Testing, and Rowing

Step 5:Spinning the cotton

Step 6:Distorting a section beam

Step 7:Slashing

Step 8:Weaving

Step 9:Overall cleaning and bleaching process

Step 10:Dyeing

Step 11:Cutting

Step 12:Sewing

Step 13:Packaging the final product

Overall Quality Control

It is imperative for bed linen manufacturers to carefully select only high-quality cotton bales. Quality (grade) and length (staple) are used to classify cotton bales. Longer staples are used for making premium-quality products and shorter staples are used for the purposes of batting.

Overall, there are several grades that are used by bed linen manufacturers to classify cotton and these grades classify from middling to good. Since low-grade cotton (the one with residue and impurities) slows down the processing of cotton into spool yarn and compromise on quality, manufacturers of bed linen have to be very selective of the cotton grade. That is why major bedding manufactures purchase bales of cotton after comprehensive testing that is done privately or by the government. All in all, it is made sure that quality is not compromised and the best bed linen is manufactured.

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